Advantages of Salesforce

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salesforce training in ChennaiSalesforce training in Chennai rightly says that, is an American company which offers cloud based CRM products.  Salesforce is one of the most preferred tools for CRM. It has many features which attracts many of the sales professional which easies their task or work. Now we will have a look at some of the advantages of salesforce CRM.

  1. Data stored in a single platform: – The major advantage as to why the sales professionals prefer salesforce is because all the data related to their client or customer is stored in a single place. By using one single tool they can have the access to all the important data such as customer’s account, reminders and to-do. These data can always be edited and organized according to the preference of the sales professional to smoothen his task. Joining the salesforce training institute in Chennai you will come to know that by using this CRM product the sales professional eliminates the usage of multiple tools to store and track his data. This makes his work easy.
  2. Easy account keeping: – All the important data related to the customers are available with the help of just one click. Here also the data related to the customer’s account is available. So the sales professionals can plan their account and decide as to which account is to be focused more.  They can also plan their follow ups for the pending accounts and update the accounts which are completed. They can track their progress and if needed they can also track the time needed to achieve a particular task, and if needed they can also plan on how to achieve more with a short time.
  3. Managing the time efficiently– Doing salesforce training in Chennai will inform you that the sales professional who are using salesforce have the liberty to organize their tasks so likewise once the organization is done they can give priority to certain task can deicide as to which task should be given more time and which should be allotted less time. By doing this the sales professionals have a clear idea of which tasks are to be focused more on.
  4. Generating reports:- Doing salesforce course in Chennai will teach you whatever the sales professionals do they can have a report of that so as to get a clear picture of their progress and if needed they can improve their area of work. They can get the reports for the accounts that are still pending  or are given less attention, the potential opportunities which are untapped and even they can focus on the track their opportunities which they have lost so that the mistake is not repeated again the future. Apart from this they can also have a report of the sales they have done in a specific time period and they can check the activities which are done or finished and the outcomes of the same.

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