Android Training in Chennai: Future of Mobile Application Development

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Predication about the future of mobile application development is very much on the positive note. Based on a survey conducted by University of Alabama at Birmingham, mobile application industry is expected to grow tremendously. About 10 million devices are expected to be use in 2016. Currently, android developers are focusing on mobile application development in areas that are trending such as social networking, context-aware marketing, location based services, mobile commerce and mobile payment system.

Among the mobile users, 76% of them are smartphone users. The average application installed on adult phone user is 18 with 68% of them are daily used. Google app market “Google Play” hit 10 million downloads and reported 1 billion downloads per month. As we mentioned before, the future of mobile application is mostly positive and it offer huge career prospects for the talented professionals. In this article, we are going to discuss about the future of mobile application development and the advantage of taking android training in Chennai.

Here are some popular trends that determine the future of mobile application development is discussed below.

Switch between Devices:

Now, it has become very common to access mobile internet on TV and PC or switch between devices. Demand are rising for apps that connect with smart TV and other devices such as Smartglass, Xbox, etc.

HTML5 and Cloud Computing:

These are the prime technologies that affect the mobile application development in future. HTML5 is extremely useful for building user friendly websites with smartphone devices. Cloud computing is going to be the future technology for application development.

High Mobile Processing:

The latest iPhone 6 comes with the A10 chip. The introduction of A10 chip has increased the mobile hardware performance and capabilities. It improves the graphical performance and additional memory for mobile applications.

Operating System:

Android and iPhone are most popular mobile operating system. There new mobile operating systems like Firefox OS, Ubuntu OS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. Mobile applications are developed for these platforms exclusively. The development of unique apps for different platforms may affect the future of mobile application development.  Cross platform mobile application development is most promising option among the developers to develop single apps that run on multiple platforms.

Apps That Are Connected With Daily Life:

A smoke and fire detector controlled with smartphone was introduced by the Google. Android platform is going to revolutionize Smart TVs and Video Games more interesting. The fusion of mobile apps in daily life leads to the revolutionary changes in mobile application development.

The distance between the customers and business owners are hugely reduced by the mobile app. Developers need to concentrate on developing apps with overall design, excellent interface and attracts more users towards the app. Developers can consider taking android course in Chennai to learn new technologies and cope up with latest trends.

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