CRM for marketers

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In this digital era the marketers who are still using excel sheets to record their data or to keep a track of the data. They use outlook to send emails to their potential clients.  Excel and outlook are one of … Continued

Advantages of Salesforce

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Salesforce training in Chennai rightly says that, is an American company which offers cloud based CRM products.  Salesforce is one of the most preferred tools for CRM. It has many features which attracts many of the sales professional which … Continued

Why should one concentrate on Cloud for business?

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Cloud computing is the best technology that is introduced ever in the history information technology. Even today the IT influencers are wondering what would have happened without the invention of cloud based applications and software. The specific advantage over this … Continued

Evolution of Cloud Computing

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A decade ago, cloud computing technology created a revolution in storage of data through clouds. The cloud computing made millions of data in normal to shift to cloud based servers in which anyone in this world can access data being … Continued

Enroll in a Reputed Salesforce Training in Chennai to Become Expertise:

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To get enter in to the Salesforce CRM platform is only possible once you have completed the Salesforce Training in Chennai. Those who complete the salesforce training they can get the job in the following area of administrator, consultants and … Continued

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