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salesforce-crm-training-in-chennaiIn this digital era the marketers who are still using excel sheets to record their data or to keep a track of the data. They use outlook to send emails to their potential clients.  Excel and outlook are one of the best inventions of Microsoft but are they still that effective? Today the times are changed there are exclusive tools which are available in the market which would take care of your marketing efforts. This tool is called as customer relationship management (CRM) tools. This tool is specially developed to ease the sales and marketing process and similarly to help the sales and reps. is one such company which provides CRM for enterprises and they are the leaders of the cloud based CRM services. If you want to get professional training in salesforce CRM then salesforce training in Chennai would be the best option. Coming back to the topic, now let us see how CRM would be helpful for the marketers and how it is essential to enhance their performances.

  • Customer segmentation

When you working in the field of sales and marketing, then all the customers might not be necessarily be from the same geographical location and they all might not have the needs and requirement. Every customer would want different types of service or products which we offer. When you maintain an excel sheet it is very tiring to differentiate these customers and even if you differentiate you need to manually fill in the data and there are all chances of error.

Using a CRM would automatically segment the customer according to their geographical location and their requirement.  This would be helpful for the marketer to send them the sales and marketing emails. When we clearly know what the customers want then we would easily send the relevant marketing material to the clients. This increases the chances of sales and following up the potential clients.

  • Managing a project

Usually in larger companies there is a team of sales reps and they handle huge projects and in these types of companies the sales funnel is usually large. For such companies CRM and be very useful. With the help of this tool all the documents and sales related paper are uploaded in the tool and the concerned people are given the authority to access the information. This decreases the communication gap among the team members. is the leader of CRM worldwide and it would be a wise decision to take up salesforce training to learn better.

  • CRM automates the process.

With the help of CRM the sales rep have the liberty to automate their processes and to keep a track of their sales and marketing progress and efforts.  With the help of CRM the major components of sales and marketing process is automated. With this the marketing professional can concentrate more on the other important parts of the process and can perform well in their core work area. Sending messages, emails, follow up reminders etc are all automated.

If you are still struck with the old excel and outlook method its time to change and beat the competition. Join the best salesforce training institute in Chennai and learn CRM which is preferred by the top brands globally.

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